Requiring Students to Visit the Writing Center

Writing at the college level and learning to write for specific disciplines present tremendous challenges to student writers. We understand, therefore, the desire to require entire classes to visit the Writing Center. Unfortunately such requirements are problematic for the Center and for students. Not only does an entire class easily take up the majority of available appointments in a given week, but students who visit the Center only because “the professor said we had to” often come without the investment necessary to be productive and active in our highly collaborative, student-centered sessions.

Thus, the KSU Writing Center cannot accommodate whole-class requirements; writing assistants will explain this policy to students who come to the Center as part of such a requirement.

While we ask faculty not to make Writing Center visits a class requirement, we do offer several options for encouraging students to invest in their writing and thus become more likely to visit the Writing Center:

  • Request a Writing Center class visit designed specifically for your students and your assignments. Writing Assistants can offer guidance based on assignment goals and guidelines. They can also suggest which Writing Center workshops might be best suited to your courses and assignments and articulate for students how the Writing Center might best help them.

  • Encourage students individually to seek assistance by explaining areas in which you see room for improvement. Useful ways to express such suggestions might sound like the following: “I know you have good ideas, but sometimes your writing makes them difficult for me to understand.” Or “I’d like to see you excel in this class, and I think the Writing Center can help you if you work on x,y,z.”