Online KSU Writing Center


The KSU Writing Center is proud to announce an exciting new expansion: the Online KSU Writing Center. This online version of the same, one-on-one, process-focused writing instruction we have always provided comes in two formats: synchronous and asynchronous writing sessions.

The synchronous (real-time) tutoring option, called “Live Feedback,” is the most like a traditional KSU Writing Center session. With an audio and visual feed, a live chat box, and a white board, students and their writing assistants can interact in real time.

The asynchronous tutoring option, called “Written Response,” allows students to upload assignment guidelines and drafts to receive written feedback from a writing assistant within 24 hours of their scheduled appointment.

During an initial trial period, these new services are available exclusively to students enrolled in online classes; eventually they will be available to the entire KSU community.

Additional instructions, eligibility requirements, and information about appointment scheduling are available here.