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Integrative Studies Degree Program

A Clarification
Dr. Ralph Rascati, Dean of University College

Apparently, several misconceptions still exist about the nature and intent of the Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies.  The Integrative Studies (INTS) Degree Program is designed for students who have a career objective they cannot meet through any of Kennesaw State’s traditional majors, but can prepare for by combining selected courses from different majors. It is not a general studies degree, and is not designed to accommodate students who have no clear degree objective or who have not been able to complete the requirements of the major they originally declared.  In other words, it is not a degree completion program and not a vehicle for students needing a degree program to satisfy something other than a clearly defined academic objective.  In addition, departments or programs sending students to the Department of University Studies to be advised by one of the Integrative Studies coordinators must understand the following:

1.  A degree in Integrative Studies is designed to be as academically rigorous as any other degree on campus.  ONLY students with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better will be admitted to the program, and they must maintain that GPA through graduation.

2.  Designing an Integrative Studies curriculum is a complex and time-consuming process.  A student should never be directed to an INTS advisor with the assumption that an integrative studies degree plan can simply be patched together from courses the student has already taken.  INTS advisors cannot and will not be governed by expediency.

3.  Every prospective INTS major must write a rationale explaining his or her reason for pursuing an integrative degree and must be able to relate that rationale to the particular plan of study being proposed.  The student should have a clear career objective before coming to an INTS advisor to build a degree plan, and should not be directed to the advisor without having defined that objective.

4.  Once the student’s degree plan is completed, it must be approved by the appropriate department chairs or their representatives.  This process also takes time, and students are often asked to alter their proposals, making course changes that may extend their graduation deadline.  Anyone directing a student to an INTS advisor must take this into account.

5.  Because of these constraints, it is not possible, desirable, or feasible to accede to requests to expedite the INTS proposal design and approval process in any way that undermines the integrity of the degree.



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