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Office of Research

2. Proposal Development

A. Coordinating Your Submission with the Office of Research

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Initial Meeting

Planning is a key element of successful proposals. The Office of Research must know the deadlines of all proposals under development as early as possible. Schedule a meeting with the Office of Research to go over the program’s guidelines, to set up a timeline for finishing all the required sections of the proposal, to plan for technical support, to review the budget, and to coordinate the final proposal submission. Research involving foreign nationals or travel outside the United States must follow federal laws restricting the export of technology and information. Proposals with subawards require additional time for the Office of Research to coordinate with the subawardee’s sponsored research office. Contact to set up the initial meeting.

Support Services

One of the goals of the initial meeting is to determine how much support you will need to assemble your application package. Those who are new to the process typically need editorial support, help with budget development, and technical support with electronic proposal submission.”

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