Subject Liaison Program, 2014-2015

The Horace W. Sturgis Subject Liaison Program is intended to open channels of communication with Kennesaw State University faculty, students, and community partners for the purposes of collaboration, instruction, resource sharing, research support, and collection building.

The common goal for all Subject Liaisons is to address the current needs and future directions of their academic departments or programs, and to promote services offered by the Library to the academic community. By serving both collection management and reference/instructional functions, the Subject Liaison acts as the main point-of-contact between the Library and their Kennesaw State University academic departments.

Subject Liaisons are tasked with:

  • Representing the Horace W. Sturgis Library in all of their liaison activities;
  • Communicating clear and accurate information about Sturgis Library to faculty and the KSU community;
  • Sharing information concerning their colleges, departments, and programs with their library colleagues;
  • Taking responsibility for responding to questions about collection development and the management of Sturgis Library‚Äôs collections.

Questions concerning the program may be directed to Christina Holm, Undergraduate Liaison Program Coordinator, at Please contact Cheryl Stiles,, for questions regarding graduate program and certificate liaisons.

College of Arts

Subject Liaison Email Research Guide
Art & Design Ariel Turner Research Guide
Dance Steve Burton Research Guide
Graduate Programs Cheryl Stiles Research Guide
Music Steve Burton Research Guide
Theatre & Performance Studies Steve Burton Research Guide

College of Business

Accounting Olga Russov Research Guide
Economics, Finance & Quantitative Analysis Olga Russov Research Guide
Graduate Programs Elisabeth Shields Research Guide
Information Systems Ana Guimaraes Research Guide
Management & Entrepreneurship Ashley Dupuy Research Guide
Marketing & Professional Sales Ashley Dupuy Research Guide

College of Education

Elementary & Early Childhood Education Rita Spisak Research Guide
General Education Rita Spisak Research Guide
Graduate Programs Olga Koz Research Guide
Secondary & Middle Grades Education Rita Spisak Research Guide

College of Health & Human Services

Applied Exercise & Health Science (Graduate) Cheryl Stiles Research Guide
Culinary Sustainability & Hospitality Ana Guimaraes Research Guide
Exercise Science & Sport Management Alan Lebish Research Guide
Health Promotion & Physical Education Alan Lebish Research Guide
Nursing Undergraduate:Sandra Barclay, Graduate:Elisabeth Shields, Research Guide
Social Work (Graduate) Cheryl Stiles Research Guide
Human Services Lesley Brown Research Guide

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

African & African Diaspora Studies Hyun Chu Kim Research Guide
American Studies Elisabeth Shields Research Guide
Anthropology Jennifer Young Research Guide
Asian Studies Hyun Chu Kim Research Guide
Communication Jennifer Young Research Guide
Criminal Justice Chris Sharpe Research Guide
English Jon Hansen Research Guide
Foreign Languages Ariel Turner Research Guide
Gender & Women's Studies Elisabeth Shields Research Guide
Geography Chris Sharpe Research Guide
Graduate Programs Elisabeth Shields Research Guide
History Adam Olsen Research Guide
International Affairs Ariel Turner Research Guide
Latin American Studies Ana Guimaraes Research Guide
Peace Studies Elisabeth Shields Research Guide
Philosophy Michael Luther Research Guide
Political Science Chris Sharpe Research Guide
Psychology Ana Guimaraes Research Guide
Religious Studies Michael Luther Research Guide
Sociology Michael Luther Research Guide

College of Science & Mathematics

Biology & Physics Jon Hansen Research Guide
Chemistry & Biochemistry Jin Guo Research Guide
Computer Science Adam Olsen Research Guide
Graduate Programs Cheryl Stiles Research Guide
Mathematics & Statistics Sandra Barclay Research Guide

General Library Collections

Children's & Teen Literature Rita Spisak
Digital Humanities Aajay Murphy Digital Commons
First Year & Transition Studies Ashley Dupuy Research Guide
Government Documents Chris Sharpe Research Guide
Popular Literature Ana Guimaraes
Reference Ana Guimaraes