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V for Victory: Georgia Remembers World War II, curated by Glen Kyle for for the Atlanta History Center, tells the story of the home front as well as the battlefield. The first section of the exhibit examines the rise of totalitarianism, reactions to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the draft, the painful goodbyes, rationing as well as dealing with loss and homecoming celebrations. Once America entered the war, nearly everyone participated. The second section of the exhibit details how local Georgia companies like Bell Aircraft (later Lockheed) and Coca-Cola got involved in war time production and new opportunities surfaced in the workforce for women and African Americans.

Georgia was represented in every area of the armed services. From mobilization to training and the differing experiences of being “over there,” this third section tells the emotional and empowering stories of WWII’s military men and women. Those that experienced World War II have been called the Greatest Generation. These individuals were real people who made extraordinary efforts and sacrifices for each other and future generations. The exhibit is accompanied by three short films created by the Atlanta History Center in partnership with the History Channel.


Main gallery of "V for Victory"