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In gratitude for their support and contribution to this exhibit project,
Kennesaw State University would like to thank the following:

Curator for Parallel Journeys: Dr. Catherine Lewis

Designer: Zoila Torres of SoliDesign

Exhibit Manager: Patricia Mosier

Project Coordinators: Heather Howell and Cindy Vengroff

Webmaster: Chris Ward

Research Assistants: Susan Batungbacal, Samantha Brown, Gary Deems, Charles Farmer, Jordan Futo, Matthew Goodwin, Josh Grudner, Linda Guiffre, Elizabeth Jabeley, Roy McClymont, Suzanne Millinax, Alicia Ryan, Sarina Shadeed, Heather Skeans, Mike Stoll, Meredith Tryon, Mariah Vengroff, Josh Walker, Ashley Williams, Chad Williams, Robert Williams

Installation and Fabrication: Don Brookshire, Chad Chandler, Rasul Imran, David Howell, Tony Howell, Joe Leeper, Josh McGowan, Rich Pugh, Doug Slay, Jerome Walters

Web Site Photo Credits: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Library of Congress

Consulting Scholars: Dr. John D. Fowler, Dr. Patricia Heberer, Glen Kyle, Dr. Tony Lewis, Dr. Dan Magilow, Cindy Vengroff

Curator for V for Victory: Glen Kyle

Curators for The Butterfly Project: Charlotte Collins and Natasha Lovelace

Organizations that provided valuable assistance:

The Anti-Defamation League
The Atlanta History Center
Holder Construction Company
The Kennesaw State University Foundation
Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project
The Library of Congress
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Special Thanks:

Michlean Amir
Susan Berlin
Ellen Blalock
Judy Cohen
Isak Danon
Debra Day
Alan Davies
Erica Eckstut
Henry Greenbaum
Fritz Gluckstein
Nancy Hartman
John Heffernan
Dr. Randy Hinds
Tommy Holder
Inge Katzenstein
Dr. Dieter Kuntz
Margaret Lambert
Murray Lynn
Joni Malson
Curt Millay
Isaac Nehama
Victor Palupa
Karen Paonessa
Jill Pauly
Maren Read
Charlene Schiff
Dr. Eugen Schoenfeld
Gerald Schwab
Alexis Scott
Olivia Smith
Kevin South
Sam and Regina Spiegel
Kenneth Stein
Mathilda Stein
Charlie Stoudenmire
Sandy Stoudenmire
Frances Weyand
Dr. Wesley K. Wicker
Elaine Williams
Dr. George J. Wittenstein
Kore Yoors
Marianne Yoors
Dr. Sabina Zimering