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The scope and horror of World War II and the Holocaust was unprecedented. However, discrimination, inhumanity, and injustice continue through the persistence of prejudice and bigotry, human rights abuses, and genocide.

But we have an opportunity to learn from history. We have an opportunity to stop being bystanders or perpetrators and instead become rescuers. We have an opportunity to take action.

The Parallell Journeys exhibit invites visitors to contemplate ways in which their actions can make a difference in the world today. We ask each person to write an answer to the question,

"What will you do now?"

These are just a few of the responses that we have received.

"I will be respectful of other people's opinions and lifestyle."

"I will thank my grandparents for their influence on my family."

"I will be more patient with others."

"I pray the love of God will make all men realize we are His creation and that His love covers all--no matter which race or religion."

"I will teach my students to respect all peoples."

"I will be honest about my mistakes and shortcomings instead of trying to cover them up."