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University Handbook

3.1. Constituencies Involved in Shared Governance

The Constitution of the State of Georgia and Georgia law authorize the Board of Regents to serve as the governing board for the University System of Georgia and its member institutions, including Kennesaw State University. The Board of Regents has authorized the President of KSU to administer all aspects of the institution’s operations in accordance with Board policies. To accomplish that task, the President and the other administrative officers of the university engage the major constituencies of the university community through a prescribed structure and process of shared governance for the institution’s operations. The structure for shared governance at KSU includes a number of University Standing Committees, four senates representing the major constituencies of the university community (i.e., faculty, staff, administrators and students), and University Council. These groups have responsibilities for institutional oversight as outlined below and serve in a recommending and advisory capacity to the administrative officers of the university, including the President.