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University Handbook

1.1. Institutional Strategic Plan

During the 2010 and 2011 academic years, Kennesaw State prepared a new strategic plan to guide the university through 2017. As part of that process, updated mission, vision and goals statement were developed, as outlined below:

Kennesaw State University Vision
Kennesaw State University will be a world-class comprehensive university recognized for its excellence in education, discovery, innovation, technology, and community engagement at all levels from local to global. The KSU experience will empower the members and graduates of the university community to have the vision, ability, and courage to transform the future.

Kennesaw State University Mission
Kennesaw State University offers high-quality and productive undergraduate, graduate, continuing education, and co-curricular programs. These include learning opportunities in architecture, the arts, business, computing, education, engineering and engineering technology, health and human services, honors experiences, humanities and social sciences, interdisciplinary studies, leadership development, the natural and physical sciences, study abroad, and other related disciplines. The University’s research, scholarship, creative activities, and public service initiatives expand and apply knowledge, contribute to economic development, and improve the quality of life in local communities, Georgia, the nation, and the world.

The KSU community values open, honest, and thoughtful intellectual inquiry, innovative and creative problem solving, professionalism, expertise, collaboration, integrity and ethical behavior, engaged citizenship, global understanding, sustainability, mutual respect, and appreciation of human and cultural diversity. The University community strives continually to enhance student success, improve institutional quality, and respond to public demand for higher education.                   

Kennesaw State University Goals
KSU’s Strategic Plan identifies the following as the University’s six leading goals:

Goal 1: Transform two distinct educational institutions into one student-centered comprehensive university. 
Goal 2: Promote excellence and innovation in education through teaching, supervising, and mentoring students; research, creative activity, and scholarship; and professional service.
Goal 3: Improve recruitment, retention, progression, and graduation rates (RRPG) in accord with the Complete College Georgia initiative, by enhancing the quality, breadth, and relevance of academic programs so graduates are prepared for work and life.
Goal 4: Increase engagement and prominence in the local community, Georgia, the nation and the world.
Goal 5: Foster a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive environment while enhancing the collegiate experience, and sense of community within the university.              
Goal 6: Expand resources and improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.