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University Handbook

Table of Contents

  1. Institutional Purpose and Organization
    1. Institutional Strategic Plan
    2. University System of Georgia
    3. Kennesaw State University’s Administrative Officers & Organization
  2. Advising and Registration
    1. Policy Statement on Advising
    2. Advisor Responsibilities
  3. Shared Governance and Committees
    1. Constituencies Involved in Shared Governance
    2. Senate and University Council Structure
    3. University System Committees
    4. Atlanta Regional Consortium for Higher Education (ARCHE)
    5. Departmental Bylaws and Department Faculty Council
    6. College Bylaws and College Faculty Councils
    7. Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Review and Approval Process
  4. Services and Facilities
    1. Library
    2. Audio Visual Technology Services (AVS)
    3. Writing Center
    4. Information Technology Services (UITS)
    5. Card Services
    6. Auxiliary Services
    7. Computer Labs
    8. Indoor and Outdoor Campus Facilities
    9. Center for Health Promotion and Wellness
    10. Emergency and After-hours Assistance
  5. Personnel, Fiscal, & Institutional Policies
    1. Reaffirmation of Equal Employment Opportunity Affirmative Action Policies
    2. Workplace Policies and Procedures
      1. Intellectual Diversity and Interpersonal Relations Position Statement
      2. KSU Intellectual Property Policy
      3. Allegations of Scholarly Misconduct
      4. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
      5. KSU Diversity Vision Statement
      6. KSU Position Statement on Environmental Awareness
      7. KSU Mission Statement on Occupational Health and Safety
      8. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
      9. KSU Drug and Alcohol Policy
      10. Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Policy
      11. Policy Statement on Sexual Harassment
      12. Visits by Children
      13. KSU Parking and Traffic Regulations
      14. Amorous Relationships
    3. Administrative Procedures
      1. Release of Student Information
    4. Dispute Resolution
      1. Handling Disruptive Students at KSU
    5. Awarding of Posthumous Degrees
      1. Posthumous Degrees
      2. Posthumous Certificates of Achievement
    6. Appeals