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Faculty Handbook

1.1. Faculty Membership at Kennesaw State University

The faculty consists of the corps of instruction and the administrative officers. Full-time professors, associate professors, assistant professors, senior lecturers, lecturers, clinical professors, clinical associate professors, clinical assistant professors and teaching personnel with such other titles as may be approved by the President, shall be the Corps of Instruction. Full-time research and extension personnel and duly certified librarians will be included in the Corps of Instruction on the basis of comparable training. A faculty member who has academic rank and rights of tenure in the Corps of Instruction and who accepts an appointment to an administrative office shall retain his/her academic rank and rights of tenure as an ex-officio member of the Corps of Instruction but shall have no rights of tenure in the administrative office. An administrative officer having faculty status shall have all the responsibilities and privileges of faculty membership.

The term “teaching faculty” is used at KSU in reference to those members of the Corps of Instruction who hold rank and typically serve on an academic-year (9-month) contract. Lecturers and senior lecturers are non-tenure track with renewable contracts as indicated in the BoR Policy Manual (Sections and