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Faculty Handbook

Table of Contents

  1. Institutional Purpose and Organization
    1. Faculty Membership at Kennesaw State University
    2. Descriptions of Organizational Divisions, Colleges, and Departments
  2. Workload and Institutional Expectations
    1. Academic Freedom and Responsibility
    2. Workload Model for Teaching- Faculty
    3. Teaching Overloads
    4. Faculty Performance and Assessment
    5. Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness
    6. Course Scheduling Expectations
    7. Course Instructional Materials
    8. Class Rolls
    9. Grading
    10. Student Attendance Policy
    11. Faculty Absences
    12. Policy Concerning Research with Human Participants
    13. Faculty Policies and Procedures with Legal Implications
  3. Review and Evaluation of Faculty Performance
    1. Introduction
    2. Overview of Faculty Responsibilities
    3. Basic Categories of Faculty Performance
    4. Evaluation of the Quality and Significance of Faculty Scholarly Accomplishments
    5. General Expectations for Tenure, Promotion, and Post-Tenure Review
    6. General Expectations for Faculty Performance in Different Ranks
    7. Faculty Review Process
    8. Multi-Year Review Schedules
    9. References
  4. Personnel, Fiscal, & Institutional Policies
    1. Faculty Appointments and Contracts
      1. Faculty Appointments
      2. Graduate Faculty Status
      3. Guidelines for Joint Appointments
      4. Employment Contracts
      5. Filling Vacant Faculty Positions and Faculty Search and Screening Process
      6. Faculty Relocation and Moving Expenses Policy
      7. Redirection and Reassignment of Filled Faculty Positions
      8. Non-renewal of Employment Contracts for Individuals with Faculty Status
      9. Removal of a Faculty Member for Cause
      10. Visiting Faculty Appointments
      11. Temporary (aka Limited Term) Faculty Appointment
      12. Part-time Teaching Faculty Appointment
      13. Conversion from Tenure-Track to Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Status
      14. Salary Conversion for Fiscal and Academic Year Appointments
      15. Adjunct Faculty Appointments
      16. Visas for Non-U.S. Citizens
      17. State Restrictions on Kennesaw Faculty Employment Elsewhere in the University System
    2. Compensation & Benefits
      1. Academic Year Pay Procedures
      2. Summer Employment and Compensation
      3. Faculty Compensation and Benefits while Teaching or Doing Research Abroad
      4. Overload Compensation Guidelines
      5. KSU Employee Benefits
    3. Workplace Policies and Procedures
      1. Outside Employment Policy
      2. Policy Statement on Sexual Harassment
      3. Amorous Relationships
    4. Administrative Procedures
      1. Grants and Contracts
      2. Procedures for Handling Student Complaints Against Faculty Members
      3. KSU Faculty Conflict Resolution Procedures