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Academic Program Improvement

The Academic Program Improvement (API) system was designed for faculty to more effectively report on assessments, analysis of those assessments and resulting improvements to academic programs.

The API system improves efficiency by replacing the AOL and part of the CPR reporting processes, and by administering report reviews through established governance structures.

Each academic program that leads to a credential (certificate or degree) will report. Each distinct implementation of a program (e.g., on campus, marketed and/or implemented as fully off site, or marketed and/or implemented as fully online) reports separately using data that is disaggregated from other implementations.

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Academic Program Assessment Plan (APAP) Template

Academic Program Assessment Plan (APAP) Examples

Academic Program Assessment Plan (APAP) Checklist

Academic Program Assessment Plan (APAP) Chair's Rubric

Academic Program Improvement (API) Report Template (coming soon!)

Academic Program Improvement (API) Report Example (coming soon!)







  • Department Curriculum and Assessment Committees approve Academic Program Assessment Plans before submission
  • Each program submits Academic Program Assessment Plan




  • Deans who oversee programs not housed in a department, Chairs and Directors evaluate plans using rubric
  • Deans evaluate assessment of plans by chairs/directors using rubric
  • Dean of Graduate College evaluates assessments of plans for graduate programs by chairs/directors using rubric
  • Provost or designee evaluates assessments of plans by deans using rubric




  • Deans who oversee programs not housed in a department, Chairs and Directors complete a rubric for each program indicating that data has been collected for at least three program outcomes and at least three student learning outcomes, that the data has been analyzed, and that improvements, which follow from the analyses, have been made or are planned.
  • New Academic Program Improvement report format and process developed.




Three reporting cycles of assessments, analyses and related improvements for each academic program using a form and process developed in preparation for the consolidation of Kennesaw State University and Southern Polytechnic State University, and submitted in time for inclusion in the new university’s SACSCOC ten-year reaffirmation report.


2017 and Beyond

Each academic program reports assessments, analyses and related improvements at regular intervals.

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