B.S. in Sport Management



The curriculum is offered in a traditional model based on students enrolling in either the Fall or Spring semester.  Students who follow the Sport Management major scope and sequence should finish in 8 semesters.  Students who plan to graduate in 8 semesters will need to take between 15-17 credit hours per semester throughout their program of study in order to be eligible to complete the required 12 credit hours of internship during the graduating semester.  The internship should taken alone and not in conjunction with other courses; therefore, all other university coursework should be completed prior to the terminal semester. Summer course offerings are intermittent and are not guaranteed; therefore, students should not assume that needed courses will be offered during summer sessions. 


Beginning Fall 2013, the B.S. in Sport Management adopted curriculum changes. For a description of these changes please visit the Curriculum Revision page.

    • Sport Management classes receive new course prefixes (SM instead of HPS) and numbering.
    • Courses Related to Program of Study: SM 2200 (History and Contemporary Aspects of Sport) and ECON 2100 (Principles of Microeconomics) replace IS 2200 and COM 2129.
    • Sport Management Core: SM 3300 (Event Management), SM 4200 (Facility Management), SM 4300 (Sponsorship and Fundraising in Sport) replace HPS 3370, MKTG 3100, and MKTG 4870.
    • Specific and defined concentrations have been eliminated. In order to give students more freedom to tailor their coursework to their career goals, students choose from a broad list of Sport Management Electives.


    General Education Curriculum (45 hours)

    (see KSU Undergraduate Catalog)


    Lower Division Major Requirements (Area F) (18 Credit Hours)

    SM 2100 Introduction to Sport Management
    SM 2200 History and Contemporary Aspects of Sport
    SM 2300 Legal Aspects of Sport
    SM 2400 Sports Information and Media
    ACCT 2100 Intro to Fin Acct
    ECON 2100 Principles of Microeconomics


    Upper Division Major Requirements
    Sport Management Core (36 Credit Hours)

    SM 3100 Sports Sociology and Psychology
    SM 3200 Leadership and Management of Sport Organizations
    SM 3300 Sport Event Management
    SM 3400 Sport Facility Design and Management
    SM 3500 Sponsorship and Fundraising in Sport
    SM 4700 Sports Economics
    SM 4800 Sports Finance
    SM 4900 Senior Seminar in Sport Management
    SM 4950 Senior Internship in Sport Management


    Sport Management Electives (18 Credit Hours):

    Select 18 hours from the following courses, at least 9 hours must be from courses at the 3000-level or above*

    *(At least one Sport Management Elective must be in Marketing)
    ACCT 2200 Intro to Man Acct
    BLAW 2200 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
    COM 2129 Pubic Speaking
    COM 2135 Writing for Public Com
    COM 3310 Concepts in New Media
    COM 3330 News Report & Writ
    COM 3335 Public Rel Principles
    COM 3340 Digital Media Production
    COM 3375 Public Relations Writing
    COM 4420 Advanced Media Writing
    COM 4430 Media Management
    ECON 2200 Prin of Macroeconomics
    ECON 4550 The Economics of Strategy
    ES 3100 Group Exercise Leadership
    ES 3900 Physiology of Exercise I
    FIN 3100 Principles of Finance
    HPE 3050 Coaching Principles
    HPE 3060 Advanced Coaching Methodology: Basketball and Volleyball
    HPE 3070 Advanced Coaching Methodology: Soccer and Tennis
    HPE 3080 Advanced Coaching Methodology: Softball and Baseball
    HPE 3395 Coaching Practicum
    HPE 1000-level Activity courses (6 hours maximum)
    MGT 3100 Management and Behavioral Sciences
    MGT 4700 Hospitality Management
    MKTG 3100 Intro to Marketing
    MKTG 3800 Entertainment Marketing
    MKTG 4150 Consumer Behavior
    MKTG 4410 Professional Selling
    MKTG 4650 Advertising
    MKTG 4670 Promotional Strategy
    MKTG 4750 Advanced Selling
    MKTG 4870 Sport Marketing
    MKTG 4880 Hospitality and Tourism Marketing
    SM 3398 Internship
    SM 3600 Sports Broadcasting
    SM 3700 International Sport Governance
    SM 3900 Foundations of Recreation and Leisure
    SM 4200 Recreation Programing
    SM 4300 Commercial Rec and Tourism
    SM 4400 Directed Study
    SM 4490 Special Topics in Sport Management
    SM 4600 Research Methods in Sport Management


    Free Electives (6 Credit Hours)


    Students admitted to the program should work closely with their academic advisor to ensure a timely graduation.  Students should plan ahead in order to sequence courses properly to meet all required pre-requisites (courses and adjusted GPA) before enrolling in a course.  FAILURE TO PLAN AHEAD MAY DELAY GRADUATION. 


    Click here to download the pre-2013 Sport Management Checksheet/major scope and sequence.