B.S. in Sport Management

Admission to the Sport Management Program

  • Completion of HPS 2200 will require the following of students applying to the program:
    • Proof of declaration of Sport Management as an official major
    • A plan of study developed in HPS 2200 and signed off by the Sport Management advisor.
  • An Adjusted Grade Point Average (AGPA) of 2.75 in courses taken at KSU.
  • Note for transfer students
    • If you have completed HPS 2200 at another institution, these guidelines will be checked by the Sport Management Advisor.

Retention Criteria

  • Students must maintain an adjusted GPA of 2.75 to remain a Sport Management major.  A student whose adjusted GPA falls below a 2.75 will not be allowed to take upper-level major classes (this includes classes offered outside the Exercise Science and Sport Managment Department).