Frequently Asked Questions

How do I appeal a grade?

How do I request a substitution for or override into HPS 1000?

    All substitution and override requests for HPS 1000 should be submitted to Advising Coordinator Abby Dawson via e-mail.

How do I declare a major in the Exercise and Health Science or Sport Management?

    Current students should change their major in Owl Express and then contact the Advising Center via e-mail to schedule an intial consultation.

How do I find out who is my Academic Advisor?

    Also, your Academic Advisor is listed on Owl Express. All new students seeking academic advisement should contact our Advising Center, via e-mail, when they officially declare their major of study. The Advising Center will assign each new major a faculty advisor.

How do I request an override into a closed course?

    Kennesaw State University allocates course space to students according to a first-come, first-served basis, and students with seniority receive earlier registration times to facilitate the acquisition of classes needed for graduation.  Course sizes are set according to instructional size optima and physical space constraints.  Overriding the set size of classes is undesirable because it creates physical crowding, hampers attention to individual students, and diverts faculty resources from other important required work obligations. Closed course overrides are rarely granted and almost always limited to graduating seniors.


    Examples of Insufficient Grounds for Override Requests

    • Failing to register at the appointed registration time.

    • Work Schedule/Childcare/Travel Arrangements: The Department serves too many students to accommodate requests for more convenient schedules.

    • Schedule Difficulty: Overrides are not to be used to distribute difficulty burdens across semesters.

    • Instructor Consent: Instructors cannot approve individual students for overrides into their classes.  In order to preserve fairness in access during the registration process, all overrides must go through the standard override process.

    • Instructor Preference:  Students will not be overridden into one section of the class because they prefer one instructor over another.

    • Insurance/HOPE: Students will not be overridden into classes so that they can receive full-time status to receive insurance coverage or to impact HOPE eligibility.


    Be aware that students are constantly adding and dropping courses; therefore, it is likely that you will be able to enroll in a class through the drop/add process. If you feel you meet the criteria for an override, please contact your advisor who may submit legitimate override requests to the Department Chair.

How do I request an override when I receive a prerequisite, major, or other error?

    If you are denied registration to an open class that you believe you should be allowed to take, contact your advisor. In an e-mail report the registration error you received and explain why you think you should be able to enroll in the class (for example, you have taken an equivalent of the required prerequisite course that the system does not seem to recognize). "I think I can handle the class" is not an acceptable explanation if you do not meet the course prerequisites. When in doubt, contact your advisor.


How do I request a course substituion?

    Course substitutions are handled through your major advisor, and the procedures for submitting overrides differ by department. Contact your advisor to request the override, and he/she will tell you the exact procedure. For substitutions that involve courses from other institutions, use the Registrar's Transfer Articulation System to see if a course you have taken has been substituted at Kennesaw State before. Submit substitution requests as soon as possible (please, do not wait until just before graduation before submitting substitution requests), and never assume that a course will substitute for a Kennesaw State course.


How do I request to take a course for the third time or more?

    Kennesaw State's Re-enrollment Policy states: "After taking or attempting an undergraduate course for the second time, students will not be allowed to re-enroll in that class without the permission of the department chair or his/her designee." The Department of Exercise Science and Sport Management advocated implementing this policy and strongly enforces it. If a student is having trouble passing a major course after two attempts, then it is probably in his/her best interest to switch to a new major. The Department considers third attempts for the Summer semester only. If you seek permission for a third attempt, you must submit your reason for doing so to the Department Chair via e-mail prior to the end of the Spring semester immediately preceding the Summer term in which you wish to enroll for a third attempt. "I need this course to graduate" is not a sufficient reason to waive this policy. In most cases, evidence of extenuating circumstances is required to receive the waiver.


Whom should I contact to request to be added to a closed class outside of the Department?

    Contact the appropriate Department office for the specific course you are trying to add.

Whom should I contact to request to be added to a closed class within the Department of ESSM?

    Contact your advisor. For non-majors seeking HPS 1000, we ONLY accept requests from graduating seniors. Contact our Advising Center to request an override.

Where can I find more information on the M.S. in Applied Exercise and Health Science graduate program?

I am returning to school, whom do I need to see?

    If you are a returning student or have been formally admitted to KSU, contact our Advising Center for the specific degree program in which you are interested.


    If you are new to KSU you should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to begin your application process.

Where is the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Sport Science (HPS)?


Does KSU offer a Physical Therapy Program?